Introducing OnDemand

A recruitment solution specifically for the defense and public sector

About OnDemand

Our OnDemand recruiters offer end-to-end support, handling sourcing, screening, interviews, offers, and candidate closures. With each recruiter managing up to two roles, we ensure a seamless process and exceptional candidate experience throughout the hiring journey.

How It Works

Upon signing up for OnDemand, our team will promptly schedule a kick-off meeting within 1 business day. During this meeting, we’ll determine your desired service start date, discuss your specific hiring needs, and assign an experienced recruiter specialized in your target area (Cyber, Data Science, Engineering, Intel, IT, R&D, AI/ML). They will become your dedicated partner throughout the search process.

OnDemand Weekly

1 week of recruiting support from an OnDemand recruiter.


per week


This includes:
🎯 Building & managing pipelines
🎯 Recruiting coordination
🎯 Sourcing cleared talent
🎯 Recruiting training

OnDemand Monthly

1 month of recruiting support from an OnDemand recruiter. Each recruiter can manage up two openings at a time.


per month


This includes:
🎯 Finding top cleared talent
🎯 Screening Candidates
🎯 Managing the interview process
🎯 Offer negotiation Embedded

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This includes:
🎯 Company-dedicated recruiter
🎯 Talent market reports
🎯 Recruiting consulting

Compared to Industry Direct Hire Fees

Average. DevOps Engineer Salary 2023:  $127,000

Average industry direct hire fees:   20%-25%

Service Plans


2 Placements (est.)


6 Placements (est.)


12 Placements (est.)


24 Placements (est.) OnDemand $8,000 (est.) $24,000 (est.) $48,000 (est.) $96,000 (est.)
Industry Direct Hire $50,000 - $62,000 (est.) $150,000 - $186,000 (est.) $300,000 - $372,000 (est.) $600,000 - $744,000
Est. Savings $42,000 - $54,000 $126,000 - $162,000 $252,000 - $324,000 $504,000 - $735,000

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